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Since the earliest civilizations, humans had used boating when they were made of logs and reeds tied together to make rafts. Boating is the gentle activity of traveling while floating on water. Boating is a fun, educational, and stress-reducing activity that most people can participate in and enjoy.

Boating usage.

Boating can be used for travel, recreation, sports, fishing, transportation, military use, and rescue operations.

Safe Boating Tips

  • Take a Boating Course.
  • Decide What Activities You Want to Try.
  • Be Weather-Wise.
  • Follow Safe Speed. Operate at a safe speed at all times (especially in crowded areas), stay alert, and steer clear of large vessels and watercraft that can be restricted in their ability to stop or turn.
  • Know the Nautical Rules of the Road.
  • Make Proper Use of Life Jackets.
  • Avoid Alcohol.
  • Skip Swimming in a Marina.

Boating Safety Equipment

No matter how much experience you have, it's always a good idea for everyone to review boating safety rules and practices before leaving the dock. Whether you're using your boating for fishing, wake surfing, skiing, diving, day cruising, or overnighting, remember to pack essential safety gear. If you keep it on board, inspect it periodically, and keep it in good working order.

1. Don't Forget Your Life jackets and wearable personal flotation devices.
An accessible life jacket must be available for each person on board. If you're towing a skier or have a wake surfer behind the boat, he or she will need a PFD as well.
In addition to the life jackets you wear, you'll need at least one floating device that you can throw to an individual in the water in case of trouble.

2. Sound-Producing Devices.
Sounds can attract help both day and night and are especially useful in fog. Portable or fixed horns and whistles count as sound-generating devices for all boats.

3. Lights.
Check to make sure you have all the required navigation lights and that they are working correctly. And always carry a flashlight on board.

4. Distress Signals.
Make sure that passengers know where distress signals are located and how to use them—store flares in a dry, accessible location.

5. Docking and Anchoring
You need to have at least one anchor onboard, attached to the anchor line. You'll also need two fenders for docking.
Inspect your fenders and anchor line.

6. Keep An Eye On The Weather Forecast.
Always check the forecast before any trip. Keep a handheld radio handy, so you can regularly monitor the weather.

7. Fire Extinguishers.
There are different kinds and ratings for extinguishers but to keep it simple, remember that boats under 26 feet (including PWCs) need at least one B-1 type extinguisher, and boats 26 to just under 40 feet need two B-1 types or one B-2 type. Discuss with your family and guests how to operate an extinguisher: Pull the pin, squeeze the handle, and aim at the base of the flames.

8. Fuel and Oil.
Before leaving, check that you have enough fuel for the trip and that the oil and coolant are at good levels.

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