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Next season, attract more doves with clip-on pigeon baits and rotating wings from popular brands like Mojo, Lucky Duck, GHG, and more.

Sportsman Finder offers a selection of realistic dave decoys in various styles to attract your prey, including dave decoys, multi-pack dove decoys, and dave smith decoys.

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Latest products for Dave Decoys

  • Bass Pro Shops Lucky Duck Clip-On Dove Decoys with Stakes for $19.99
  • Cabelas Official Lucky Duck Lucky Dove HD Motorized Dove Decoy for $29.99
  • Set up your dove-hunting spread in minutes,
  • Strong alligator clips attach to trees and fences,
  • Built-in stakes let you set up ground feeders,
  • Eye-fooling colorations,
  • Textured feather patterns,


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  • Attracts doves from long distances,
  • Spinning, magnetic corrugated wings,
  • Eye-fooling colorations,
  • Textured feather patterns,
  • Integrated chest mount and bungee cord,
  • 4-piece, 44" metal stake,
  • Runs for 12+ hours,


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