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  • SMKW Marfione Custom Halo III Mini Prototype Set OTF Automatic Knives for $11261.25
  • SMKW Heretic 2X Cleric II Out-the-Front Automatic Knife (DLC Magnacut Dagger Carbon Fiber) for $7000.00
  • SMKW Marfione Custom Interceptor Tan Titanium for $5148.00
  • SMKW Marfione Custom Hera OTF Black Mosaic Damascus OTF Automatic Knife for $5005.00
  • SMKW Marifone Custom Halo III Black Aluminum Out the Front Automatic for $4279.28
  • SMKW Aaron Wilburn Custom Sambar Stag Damascus Bowie Knife for $4000.00
  • SMKW Microtech Marfione Borka Custom Stitch Carbon Fiber DLC Diamondwash for $3932.50
  • SMKW Microtech Marfione Borka Custom Stitch Carbon Fiber Stonewash for $3789.50
  • SMKW Microtech Marfione Borka Custom Stitch Carbon Fiber Diamondwash for $3789.50
  • SMKW Olamic Custom Hand Carved Swish 571-S Satin Spartan for $2795.00
  • Blade HQ Marfione Custom Combat Troodon O-Yari OTF Knife Black (3.8" Black DLC Mirror) | 203634 for $2659.00
  • Blade HQ Tanner Couch Custom Upland Bird Hunter 4.25" Slip Joint Knife | 197166 for $2550.00
  • SMKW Marfione Explicit Black G-10 for $2359.50
  • SMKW Marfione Scarab II Out-the-Front Automatic Knife (Mirror Polished Black Blue Ringed Titanium Hardware) for $2359.50
  • SMKW Marfione Troodon Herring Bone Damascus DE Copper OTF Automatic Knife for $2327.33
  • SMKW Marfione Troodon Out-the-Front Automatic Knife (Herringbone Damascus | Stippled Copper) for $2327.33
  • SMKW Heretic Wraith Out-the-Side Automatic Knife (Vegas Forge Damascus Black Dunes FatCarbon Mother of Pearl) for $2250.00
  • SMKW Marfione Scarab II Out-the-Front Automatic Knife (Satin Black Alloy Blue Ringed Titanium) for $2216.50
  • Blade HQ Marfione Customs Makora D/E OTF Automatic Knife Black (3.4" Damascus) | 190727 for $2215.00
  • SMKW Marfione Custom Combat Troodon OTF Cracked Ice for $2027.03
  • SMKW Olamic Soloist Scout Folding Knife 204-S Hand Carved Buffalo by Andrey Kolesnikov for $1945.00
  • Blade HQ Jurgen Schanz Custom WSK Tracker Knife Black Micarta (6.6" Damascus) | 193933 for $1900.00
  • SMKW Couch Knives Amber Jigged Bone Stockman Prototype (2023 Blade Show) for $1900.00
  • SMKW Heretic Jinn Slip Joint Folding Knife (Titanium with Mammoth Inlay) for $1850.00
  • SMKW Heretic Jinn Slip Joint Folding Knife (Titanium with Mother of Pearl Inlay) for $1850.00
  • SMKW Heretic Jinn Slip Joint Folding Knife (Titanium and Abalone) for $1850.00
  • SMKW Heretic Medusa Automatic Knife (Baker Forge Damascus Tanto) for $1849.40
  • SMKW Microtech Combat Troodon Out-The-Front Automatic Knife Hellhound and Warhound Set (S/E Bronze | Death Card Apocalypse) for $1673.10
  • Blade HQ Pepe Jalomo Custom Phoenix Folding Knife - Fat Carbon, Zirc, Ti, Copper | 197147 for $1600.00
  • SMKW Microtech Combat Troodon OTF Apocalyptic F/S Dagger Frag Grenade Green for $1501.50
  • SMKW Microtech Signature Series Combat Troodon OTF Automatic Damascus Dagger Ultem/Shadow Black for $1488.63
  • SMKW Heretic Cleric II Out-the-Front Automatic Knife (Baker Forge Damascus Snakeskin FatCarbon) for $1450.00
  • SMKW Microtech Combat Troodon 3.81 Inch DLC Damascus Dagger Shadow Black for $1430.00
  • Blade HQ Marfione Customs Hera S/E OTF Knife Black (3" Two-Tone Diamondwash) | 158215 for $1429.00
  • Blade HQ Maverick Customs Viper Original Automatic Knife Flame Ti (3.5"Satin) | 198156 for $1400.00
  • SMKW Shiffer custom recon with Hamon line 3.50 inch blade with titanium stonewashed handle 1095 carbon steel blade plain blade edge for $1395.00
  • SMKW Matt Humphrey Single Blade Slant Bolster Jigged Bone Trapper (2023 Blade Show) for $1300.00
  • SMKW B House Custom Knives Ancient Blue Mammoth Barlow Folding Knife (2023 Blade Show Edition) for $1300.00
  • SMKW B House Custom Knives Sambar Stag Amber Doctor's Knife (2023 Blade Show Edition) for $1300.00
  • Blade HQ Olamic WhipperSnapper BL Knife Sheepsfoot Damasteel/Jeweled (2.9" Damasteel) | 194229 for $1295.00
  • SMKW Shiffer Custom Recon CPM-154 Carbon Fiber Scales Copper Bolster for $1295.00
  • Blade HQ Herucus Blomerus No 38. Fat Carbon Camo Copper Custom Knife Blade Show 2023 | 197214 for $1280.00
  • Blade HQ NCC Knives Custom Ragnarok v1 Frame Lock Knife OD Green Bronze (3.25" Acid Wash) | 197251 for $1250.00
  • Blade HQ Herucus Blomerus No 5. Fat Carbon Jungle Wear Custom Knife Blade Show 2023 | 197216 for $1200.00
  • Blade HQ Nate Summers Custom Kiritsuke Chef Knife W/ Go Mai (10.25" Damascus) | 198631 for $1200.00
  • Blade HQ Nate Summers Custom Petty Chef Knife W/ Go Mai Damascus (8.5" Damascus) | 198637 for $1200.00
  • SMKW Vallotton Tried Dual Action Auto/Manual Knife (Blue Titanium Dark Matter FatCarbon) for $1200.00
  • SMKW Vintage Tom Mayo Custom Walrus Ivory Hunter for $1200.00
Heritage Fixed Blade - 169OTH
Heritage Fixed Blade - 169OTH
  • Blade Length: 5.00",
  • Cutting Edge: 4.75",
  • Handle Length: 5.25",
  • Overall Length: 10.25",
  • Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel,
  • Blade Thickness: 0.15",
  • Blade Style: Drop Point,
  • Blade Finish: Satin,
  • Handle Material: Gray Laminate Wood,
  • Sheath Material: Embossed Brown Leather,
  • Weight: 10.1 oz.,
  • Made in China,
Seller: Old Timer Knives


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Marfione Explicit Black G-10
Seller: SMKW


Marfione Customs Hera S E OTF Knife Black  3 quot  Two-Tone Diamondwash    158215
Marfione Customs Hera S/E OTF Knife Black (3" Two-Tone ...
  • Overall Length:7.50",
  • Blade Length:3.00",
  • Cutting Edge:2.875",
  • Blade Width:0.75",
  • Blade Thickness:0.09",
  • Blade Material:Bohler M390,
  • Blade Style:Drop Point,
  • Blade Grind:Flat,
  • Finish:Mirror, Stonewash,
  • Edge Type:Single Edge,
  • Handle Length:4.50",
  • Handle Width:1.00",
  • Handle Thickness:0.375",
  • Handle Material:Aluminum,
  • Color:Black,
  • Weight:3.40 oz,
  • User:Right Hand,
  • Pocket Clip:Tip Down,
  • Knife Type:Double-Action OTF Automatic,
  • Opener:Thumb Slide,
  • Brand:Marfione Custom Knives,
Seller: Blade HQ


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Vintage Tom Mayo Custom Walrus Ivory Hunter
Vintage Tom Mayo Custom Walrus Ivory Hunter
  • Blade Length: 5.063",
  • Closed Length:,
  • Overall Length: 9.875,
  • Blade Thickness: .18",
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel,
  • Blade Style: Skinner,
Seller: SMKW


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Hunting Knives For Sale

Thinking of buying a knife for hunting, outdoor survival or kitchen? Browse the best quality knife collection at Sportsman Finder.

Choose from a wide selection of knives & variety of blades for hunting & outdoor survival. The best deals & discounts available from top vendors.

Our knife selection has over 1000 products from top sellers. Whether you need; hunting knives, Coolina knivesKitchen knives or survival knives, You're guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for.

Knives from industry top sellers with great quality & affordable price. Product listing available for sale from well known retailers; SMKW, Buck Knives, Bass Pro Shops, Blade HQ, Natchez Shooters Supplies and many more.

If you're an experienced hunter, a new hunter, or an all-around outdoor enthusiast who loves hunting, fishing, camping, and other activities requiring the use of a reliable knife, we want you to enjoy your trips regardless of where they take you.

View & compare the hundreds of knife items from various vendors in one place.

Knives for sale from top brands including; Buck Knives, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Benchmade & others we have it all.

Types Of Knives For Hunting, Survival & Kitchen

Knives are tools that have a cutting edge used for cutting, and their functions range from domestic to industrial and are also used in the wild. There is virtually no area in life where we don't use this tool.

A knife consists of a blade, point, handle, grind, spine, fuller, ricasso, guard, hilt, lanyard.

Having the correct type of knife while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities can mean the difference between an incredible experience and one you would just as soon forget.

To help you get the best out of your next hunting or fishing trip and all those that follow, here are some different types of knives and what they do.

The Clip Point

This type of knife is a versatile knife that can be used for field dressing and skinning and other outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. The blade is flatter and thinner than other knives, but it does have a well-defined point. It's an excellent all-around knife that may be a better option for new hunters simply because new hunters tend to start with the minor game, such as squirrels and rabbits. Typically this type of knife isn't the best choice for the big game.

The Folding Knife

Folding knives are another type of knife best used with the minor game. This type of knife can also attract new hunters for the same reason as above. It's also safer to carry and doesn't pack quite the punch as some more significant, more robust knives.

Survival Knife

A survival knife has the power to do just as its name suggests. If you choose to bring this type of knife along while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, depending on the model and manufacturer, expect to get a heavy knife with a thick blade—and survive! This type of knife is truly an all-purpose cutting tool that can be used for fishing, hunting, skinning, hiking and camping, protection in the wild, cutting through tree branches, cutting rope, or any other material you might be inclined to use in the wild.

Skinning Knives

This type of knife is, of course, designed specifically for skinning. It tends to have a thinner, more wide, flatter blade than most hunting knives and is best used to skin a giant game. Other types would do the job better on really small animals, but this type of knife neatly and quickly separates the skin from the animal without damaging the meat.

The Drop-Point

This knife can be used for hunting and fishing but is more practical for big game hunting. The blade of this type is curved and thick and is excellent for dressing and skinning, with little risk of damaging the meat. It doesn't have a defined point, so, unlike you would do with most other types, you're able to skin the animal with the whole blade. These knives are usually more robust and tend to be more expensive than different types, but of course, it would depend on the model and manufacturer.

Fillet Knives

Fillet knives are a kitchen staple and make a lot of tasks, such as filleting fish and steaks or boning poultry, beef, and pork considerably less complicated than along with a conventional cook's blade. Fillet knives also show up in almost every deal with a box and camping kit as a handy blade for fishing and even energy-reducing necessities. They have a small, thin, very sharp reducing knife making them ideal for developing paper-thin fillets and getting into places that a regular cook's blade is merely too thick to reach.

Top 7 Must Have Knives For 2022:

Selecting the suitable knives that can be utilized to cut massive things with slapping accuracy seems somewhat a hard job, especially if you have no idea about which knives with the lasting and fashionable patterns you prefer. It is tough to make the final decision. There is a buying guide , and I hope you find it helpful to find the best knives according to your needs.

Seven top-selling knives for 2022. We find the best knife for your needs and budget.

Cabela's Alaskan Guide Series Vantage Folding Knife with Cerakote Finish by Buck Knives

Price: $84.99

Product Description:

Useful for everyday carry, camping, or hunting. Drop-point blade design, proven to hold an edge better than virtually any stainless steel on the market and made in the USA.

Blade Length: 2-5/8"
Edge: Fine

Cold Steel Urban Edge Knife

Price: $34.19

Product Description:

It is a tactical knife with a spear-point blade. Light enough to be worn from the neck or hung from a key ring.

Overall Length: 4"
Blade Length: 2.5"
Handle Length: 1.5"
Blade Thickness: 0.118"


Price: $18.50

Product Description:

A straight-edge knife with a slim, contoured handle for controlled cutting.

overall length: 6-7/8" (17.5cm)
Wood handle

Vanguard knife:

Price: $99.00

Product Description:

Vanguard knife is suitable for big game hunters & fieldwork. Fixed blade knife with Buck's advanced Edge2x Blade technology.

Overall length: 8 1/2" (21.6 cm)
Heritage Walnut DymaLux® Weight: 6.3 oz (179.4 g)
Textured Rubber Weight: 6.6 oz (187.9 g)

Zero Tolerance Original Speedsafe G10/20CV Working Finish

Price: $156.00

Product Description:

It's a type of Pocket Knife that can be used every day & outdoors. It comes with a plain blade edge & drops point blade edge.

Manufacturer: Kershaw
Knife Type: Folding
Blade Length: 3.25"
Length Closed: 4-2/5"

Gerber Ghostrike Series Punch Knife

Price: 44.99

Product Description:

One of the best knives for self-defense. Explicitly designed for concealed carry, Ghoststrike is lightweight, easy to access, and the slim profile allows for discreet transport in pocket, belt, boot, or around the neck.

Length: 4.8 in
Weight: 4 oz


Price: $55.99

Product Description:

It has 9Cr18MoV Stainless Steel blade material. Full tang, Finger loop features.

Blade Length: 3.66"
Overall Length: 8.66"
Weight: 0.49lb

So these are the top 7 knives you must have for hunting, kitchen & for outdoor survival. These knives have the capability of allowing you to cut hard items simply by furnishing incredibly sharp blades.

There are so many other knives you can choose from. We aim to guide you about the best knives & their types. Check out our full line of in-stock knife deals from various outdoor suppliers.

They are also famous for their appealing looks and simplicity of carrying and rationally priced.

These knives are available in different types and colors. They are produced with reliable quality, making them the most appropriate option for those who desire to cut vegetables without spending much effort.

When you opt for knives, you will seek names like TAC Force and Mtech USA, the most popular brands in today's market. Because of the solid toughness of blades, they are still efficient in cutting objects. Rest assured to invest in one that is best for your demand.

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