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Fishing Waders are generally considered waterproof boots or extending from the foot to the thigh, chest, or neck.

Waders are one of the essential pieces of gear for fly fishing. The fly fishing waders keep you dry, warm, provide extra protection from brushes, and help create an overall feeling of comfort while in the water.

Waders have a wide range of applications. They are worn during angling, water gardening, playing with model boats, waterfowl hunting, and off-road riding of vehicles from all areas for leisure purposes.

Types of Fishing Waders:

There are two types of waders available for fishing.

  • Storage foot
  • Boot foot

The stocking-foot differs from and attaches to the boot, while the boot-foot already includes the boot.

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Latest products for Fly Fishing Waders

  • Cabelas Official Simms G3 Guide GORE-TEX Stocking-Foot Waders for Men - S for $549.99
  • Brand: Simms,
  • Color: Cinder,
  • Size/Width/Width Alpha: Small,
  • Size: S,
  • Model Number: 12199-255-20,


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