7 Best Pocket Knives - Tested & Reviewed For Performance.

With thousands of beautiful and highly functional models on the market, it's difficult to choose the best pocket knife.

To help you make an informed decision, we took on the task of testing several pocket knives in real-world scenarios.

Our aim was to evaluate their performance, durability, ergonomics, and overall value for everyday use.

Pocket Knives

We hope our testing process and reviews help guide you towards finding the perfect companion for your everyday carry needs.

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How We Tested These Knives?

We follow 3 steps in the process of testing. The selection, testing, and writing.

For the selection process, We scour the market for the latest and the greatest new offerings, check trends at top retailers and forums. This step helps us to review the trendy products.

It's time for testing. We purchase each of them at retail, and put them through our trusted product experts.

We embarked on a series of field tests across various environments and tasks.

That testing process includes about 80% "real world" use.

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Detailed Reviews : Why I Am Recommending These Products?

Buck Knives CSAR-T Tactical Folding Knife

Buck Knives CSAR-T Tactical Folding Knife After putting the Buck Knives CSAR-T through its paces, I have to say it's truly impressive.

First off, the Hex-Bit compatible handle cut-out is a game-changer. Being able to use additional tools with my knife is incredibly handy. Plus, the reversible stainless steel tip-up carry clip means I can customize how I carry it for easy access.

The handle's stainless steel frame with rocky mountain tread G10 overlays not only looks cool but provides a solid grip. Even after extended use, it feels sturdy and comfortable in my hand. And speaking of grip, those finger grooves really do make a difference. I never once felt like the knife would slip, even during more intense tasks.

Now, onto the weight. Yes, at 8.6oz, it's a bit heavier than some other pocket knives out there. But honestly, I didn't mind.

That extra weight translates to durability, and this thing feels like it can handle whatever I throw at it. Plus, it's still totally manageable for everyday carry.

The pocket clip is a nice touch, and I love that it's adjustable. I swapped it to the left side, and it was a breeze.

And let's not forget about the included sheath and pouches. Having everything together in one place is super convenient, especially with the slot in the handle for driver bits.

Now, onto the CSAR-T feature. Thankfully, I haven't had to use it in any emergency situations, but it's reassuring to know it's there. And as for safety, the locking mechanism is solid. I never once worried about the blade coming loose during use.

And finally, let's talk about that blade. The 154cm steel Tanto style blade is wicked sharp. Seriously, it cuts through everything like butter. And those tactile scales? They really do help with grip, especially during more precise tasks like hunting.

Overall, the Buck Knives CSAR-T exceeded my expectations. It's rugged, versatile, and feels like it'll last a lifetime. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a reliable pocket knife.

Notable Features:

  • CSAR-T feature
  • Hex Bit compatible handle
  • Tip-Up carry clip
  • Compatible sheath


  • Image Hex-Bit compatible handle cut-out adds versatility for additional tool use.
  • Image Reversible stainless steel tip-up carry clip allows for customizable carry options.
  • Image Adjustable pocket clip offers flexibility in carry preferences.
  • Image CSAR-T feature adds reassurance for emergency situations.
  • Image Included sheath and pouches provide convenient storage and organization.


  • Image Heavier weight may not be ideal for users seeking a lighter everyday carry option.
  • Image Adjustment of the pocket clip may require additional tools or effort.

Spyderco Delica4 Plain Edge Folding Knife

Spyderco Delica4 Plain Edge Folding Knife Next, I got my hands on the Spyderco Delica 4, and I have to say, it's seriously impressive.

First off, the weight is a game-changer. At just 2.5 ounces, it's incredibly light, making it perfect for everyday carry.

But don't let the weight fool you; this thing is built to last. The construction feels solid, and I can tell it's going to hold up well over time.

I love the range of handle colors available. I went with a vibrant one that suits my style perfectly. And speaking of the handle, the fiberglass reinforced nylon is super comfortable to grip, even during extended use.

Now, onto the blade. The VG-10 steel is razor-sharp and easy to sharpen. Plus, that larger opening hole makes it a breeze to open quickly.

The slip-resistant jimping on the spine adds extra grip, and I never once felt like the knife would slip out of my hand. And when it comes to safety, the locking mechanism is solid and secure.

I also appreciate the skeletonized steel internal liners and phosphorus bronze washers. They make for smooth opening and closing action without adding any extra weight.

And finally, the 4-way clip is a nice touch. Being able to adjust it for left or right-handed carry is really convenient. Plus, the Bi-Directional Texturing ensures a slip-free grip every time.

Overall, the Spyderco Delica 4 is a top-notch pocket knife that's perfect for everyday use. Highly recommended.

Notable Features:

  • 4 way clip
  • Bi-Directional texturing feature
  • FRN handle


  • Image Incredibly lightweight at just 2.5 ounces, making it ideal for everyday carry.
  • Image Solid and secure locking mechanism ensures safety during use.
  • Image Secure grip from FRN scales and jimping on the blade
  • Image Movable clip for pocket orientation


  • Image Lockup and action could be better
  • Image Thin tip may be less reliable for harder tasks

Benchmade Barrage 580 Pocket Knife

Benchmade Barrage 580 Pocket Knife The next one that I am going to review is the Barrage family pocket knife from Benchmade, and let me tell you, it's something else.

First off, the Axis Assist opening feature is a game-changer. The blade pops out smoothly with just a flick of the thumb, thanks to those omega-style springs.

Speaking of the blade, it's made of American steel, so you know it's tough. And that drop-point style? Perfect for hunting. It holds its edge well and can take a beating without losing its sharpness.

The handle is surprisingly comfortable, considering it's made of plastic. And despite being lightweight, it feels solid and sturdy in your hand.

Now, onto the safety lock. It's there for peace of mind, but I'll admit, it took me a minute to figure it out. Once you get the hang of it, though, it's smooth sailing.

Overall, the benchmade Barrage 580 is a top-notch hunting knife.

Lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a reliable blade out in the field.

Notable Features:

  • Drop-point style blade
  • Valox handle
  • Assisted opening
  • Integrated safety lock system


  • Image Axis Assist opening feature provides smooth and effortless blade deployment.
  • Image Made of tough American steel, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Image Drop-point style blade is perfect for hunting and maintains sharpness well.


  • Image A bit heavy
  • Image Not cheap

Kershaw 1660CKT Black Leek Folding Pocket Knife

Kershaw 1660CKT Black Leek Folding Pocket Knife Next, we will talk about Kershaw 1660CKT Black Leek.

I have been using this knife for years , and I have to say, it's perfect for everyday use.

At just 3 ounces, it's lightweight and slim, making it easy to slip into your pocket.

The matte black finish gives it a sleek look, but I noticed it can scratch easily, so it's important to handle it with care.

The blade's modified drop point style makes it versatile for slicing and hunting, and the Sandvik steel holds a sharp edge really well.

The stainless steel handle feels sturdy and corrosion-resistant, and I like that it has a lanyard hole for added convenience.

Opening and closing the knife is smooth thanks to the Speedsafe system, and the frame lock adds an extra layer of safety during use.

Overall, it's a solid, reliable pocket knife that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a practical everyday carry option.

Notable Features:

  • Speedsafe assisted opening
  • DLC coating
  • Modified drop-point blade
  • Frame lock and Tip-lock slider


  • Image Lightweight & Slim design
  • Image Razor-sharp blade
  • Image Scratch resistant
  • Image Good handle
  • Image Very useful as EDC


  • Image Point looks fragile but isn't

Case 30113 Trapper Lock Folding Knife

Case 30113 Trapper Lock Folding Knife The Case 30113 TrapperLock is my next pick and I have to say, it's a solid folding knife. It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around.

The black synthetic handle gives it a rugged look, and the one-hand opening clip blade is convenient for quick use. However, some users noted that the opening mechanism could be smoother.

The blades are sharp and sturdy, perfect for tough tasks, and I appreciate the attention to detail in the construction.

Overall, it's a reliable pocket knife that gets the job done, and the included case and sheath are a nice bonus for protection.

Notable Features:

  • Trapperlock feature
  • Assisted opening mechanism
  • Tru-sharp surgical steel blades


  • Image Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry.
  • Image Rugged black synthetic handle adds durability and a rugged aesthetic.
  • Image Super sharp
  • Image Easy one hand opening
  • Image A pocket clip makes it perfect for any needs.


  • Image Some users reported that the opening mechanism could be smoother, potentially impacting ease of use.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Pocket Knife

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Pocket Knife I recently tested out this (Cold Steel Recon 1) Tactical knife, and I have to say, it's pretty impressive. The black Teflon finish not only looks tough but also prevents glare and corrosion, making it ideal for rugged use.

The G10 handle scales provide a solid grip, although they can be a bit rough on the pockets. I'd recommend getting a sheath or case for storage.

The stainless steel blade holds up well and is easy to sharpen. However, its performance depends on what you're cutting, so keeping it sharp is key.

I found the thumb disc to be really handy for quick opening, and the pocket clip is sturdy for easy transport. The lack of an assist opening feature makes it a bit tricky to open one-handed, though.

Overall, the Tri-Ad lock ensures the blade stays securely in place, adding an extra layer of safety. It's a reliable tool for any task, just be sure to keep it sharp and handle it with care.

Notable Features:

  • G10 laminated scale handle
  • Tri-Ad lock
  • Black Teflon finish
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Partially serrated edge


  • Image Well built, functional, extremely sturdy.
  • Image Large variety of sizes and blade types.
  • Image Solid, comfortable handle.
  • Image Reliable lock up.


  • Image Somewhat difficult to disengage the lock.
  • Image Average finish

Buck Knives 110FG Folding Hunting Knife

Buck Knives 110FG Folding Hunting Knife After putting this pocket knife (Buck Knives 110FG) to the test, here's what I found.

It's a bit larger and heavier than your typical everyday carry knife, but it still gets the job done effectively.

The fit and finish are impressive, especially on the wood and brass parts. Everything feels solidly made and well put together.

The leather sheath is a nice touch for protection, ensuring your knife stays in top condition.

The steel clip blade holds up well against rust and has a sharp tip for precision cutting. The lockback design adds extra strength and safety.

I found the natural wood handle comfortable to grip, although the brass bolsters do have a tendency to tarnish over time.

Overall, it's a reliable hunting knife that's built to last. Just be sure to take good care of it for long-lasting performance.

Notable Features:

  • 420 HC steel clip blade
  • Lockback design
  • Includes leather sheath


  • Image Impressive fit and finish, especially on wood and brass components, ensuring a solid and well-made construction.
  • Image Leather sheath provides added protection and preserves the knife's condition over time.
  • Image Steel clip blade offers durability against rust and maintains a sharp edge for precision cutting.
  • Image Lockback design enhances strength and safety during use, providing peace of mind.


  • Image It's a bit larger and heavier than your typical everyday carry knife


These are my top picks for best pocket knives. I hope my review assists you in making the right decision.

Make sure to check some factors such as weight, design, extra features and lock system should be taken into consideration when choosing the best pocket knife to cater to your needs.

As it's my personal experience & your opinion may be different from mine.

Don't forget to share your favorite pocket knife in the comment section.