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Are you looking for the best deals to buy a truck tent? Here at Sportsman Finder, find the best quality truck tent for standard beds & short beds from industry top sellers. Read customer reviews & find from the best sellers.

Discover the best truck tents from industry top sellers. Use our advanced product search tools to find exactly what you are looking for!

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We recommend some top names like Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Guide, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Camping Words & many more.

There is already a lot of information available about the truck tents. To get the best product, you need to research, and we listed some top retailers who are doing best in the truck tent or truck bed tent business.

Top 10 Most Selling Truck Tents

  • Napier SportzTruck Tent 57 Series - Fits Full Size Short 5.5'-5.8' (433 Reviews)
  • Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent, Unisex, Large (Sportsman Guide) (Reviews 183)
  • Rightline Gear Full-Size Short Bed Truck Tent, (Review 200)
  • Rightline Gear SUV Tent with Rainfly - Grey by Sportsman's (Review 160)
  • Napier Backroadz 19 Series Truck Tent Cabela’s (Reviews 122)
  • Napier SportzTruck Tent 57 Series - Fits Full Size Short 5.5'-5.8' (63 Reviews)
  • Napier Sportz Cove Awning Model 61500, Medium/Large in Grey | Camping World (39 Reviews)
  • Kodiak Canvas 2-Person Truck Tent, Cabela’s (Review 47)
  • Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent (Review 130)
  • Napier SportzTruck Tent 57 Series - Fits Full Size Short 5.5'-5.8' (Review 63)

Truck Tents help you avoid sleeping on the ground during camping. It is a good option to protect you from snakes, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.

So, It's essential to buy a good quality tent for your truck. You can buy these tents from industry experts.

When buying a truck tent, you can buy from industries trusted names. Below is the list of top products from these top sellers. Note: Prices may change at any time.

Top 5 Truck Tent Sellers

Camping World

Camping World has a good product listing of truck tents. The Camping World has a great collection of truck tents in various styles. The lowest price they have is for NAPIER SPORTZ COVE AWNING MODEL 61500, MEDIUM/LARGE at $149.99


FREE shipping over $99.

Camping World

Sportsman Guide

Sportsman's Guide offers a large selection of Truck Tents & SUV Tents at great low prices from top trusted brands. Save Upto 10% everyday. Free shipping is over $40. Big saving! Free shipping!

$25 Sportsman's Guide e-Gift Card with purchase of $125 or more.

Sportsman Guide

Napier Outdoors

Napier outdoors is another trusted name for trust tetns. They have almost 8+ different categories available for trust tents. Sportz truck tent, Sportz Camo Truck Tent, Sportz link, Backroadz truck tent, Sportz Avalanche truck tent, Titan Truck Tent & more.

Your order will spend 2-7 days in transit via FedEx Ground.

Napier Outdoors


Cabela’s is a well known name for outdoor sports gears. Carry an excellent selection of truck tents from top brands including; Napier, Kodiak Canvas, Overland Vehicle Systems, Thule & many more trusted names.

Shop Cabela’s truck tents by size , sleeping capacity & top rated products.


Sportsman's Warehouse

Sportsman’s Warehouse is a well known supplier for hunting, fishing, camping, boating & other outdoor gear from top brands at low prices. Big Selection, Low Prices.

Sportsman’s Warehouse has a great collection of top quality truck tents. Buy 2- and 4-person truck and car tents at Sportsman's Warehouse from leading brands including Kodiak Canvas, Rightline Gear, and Slumberjack.

Sportsman's Warehouse

Sportsman Finder lists the latest truck tent with up-to-date pricing. Compare the real-time pricing and choose what fits best for your needs.

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