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Oru Kayaks believe connecting to nature is a deep human need —even for those who live in cities.

The Oru kayak is the company's simplest and lightest design. Weighing 18 pounds, it unfolds from box to boat in under two minutes. It wouldn't describe this model as "kayaking for dummies.

Oru Kayaks love exploring the world around us. They draw inspiration from all sorts of experiences, mostly Greenland kayaks and Japanese origami, but many others live in the details. They're building a business, but their real goal is to change how people connect with the water.

Our kayaks come from around the world, and they're proud to have an atmosphere of openness and acceptance. Oru Kayaks have lofty goals, but they're a bunch of fun-loving makers. And after that, They recently moved from San Francisco to an old warehouse-style sewing factory in Emeryville, CA.

If you are looking for kayaking but don't own a truck with a roof rack, or don't have a perfect place to store a kayak anywhere, then don't worry; this Oru Kayak review is for you. These foldable kayaks allow you to explore outside. Read on for the Oru Kayak review of the Lake and Inlet models.

Oru Kayak designs multiple models of best-quality high-performance folding kayaks. The Emeryville, California-based company that makes kayaks for the ocean tested two origami-style foldable kayaks designed to be used in calm water conditions. Kayaks are polypropylene, a single sheet of corrugated, hard plastic.

For those who are short on space, be that in our apartment, house or vehicle, Oru kayaks take up little space.

The best thing most people notice about ORU kayaks is how lightweight they are. Their lightweight, stiff hulls are very responsive and efficient through the water, making them much faster to paddle than or less effort to float at the same speed. Of course, light, good looks, and ease of assembly are not that much use if the experience when you're in the water is disappointing, but ORU's folding boats paddle well too.

Oru Kayak. Address:
4065 Emery St, Emeryville, CA 94608
Phone: 1-510-518-3119

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