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Goose decoys are used for goose hunting. Goose decoys are very effective for luring geese. Find the best goose decoys to add to your spread for the waterfowl season.

Types Of Goose Decoys

  • Feeding Goose Decoys
  • Sentry Decoy
  • Resting Decoys
  • Actives
  • Sleeping Goose Decoys
  • Snow Goose Decoys

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Latest products for Goose Decoys

  • Cabelas Official Flambeau Storm Front 2 Floater Canada Goose Decoys for $99.99
  • Carved by renowned master carvers,
  • UVision paint reflects UV light just like real waterfowl feathers,
  • Detailed paint for incredible realism,
  • Rotational heads let you add lifelike details,
  • Super-tough polymer-blend construction,
  • Proprietary keel has 4 tie offs,
  • Eyelets allow simple depth adjustment,


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