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Moo Cow Decoy can help you get your buck, bull, or bird. The Moo Cow Decoy features a large body for more excellent coverage and concealment.

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Moose II
Moose II
  • Brand Name: Montana Decoy,
  • Product Type: Moos Decoy,
  • Weight: 48 oz. (including poles),
  • Folded: 23" x 13",
  • Unfolded: 59" x 40",
  • Folds for easy transport,
  • Helps eliminate "hang ups" when calling bull moose,
  • Helps bowhunters set up for easier shots,


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Bessie Moo Cow
Bessie Moo Cow
  • Brand Name: Montana Decoy,
  • Product Type: Moo Cow Decoy,
  • Handles make moving with a decoy easier than ever,
  • For use on everything from geese to mule deer and turkeys to elk,
  • Moo Cow is built using an actual picture of a bovine for the ultimate in realism,
  • We are constantly testing new decoys and different poses and Bessie is simply a no brainer,
  • The all new Bessie Moo cow is a slightly different take on the stalking shield concept,
  • This all new Moo Cow is ready for some aggressive stalking anywhere cattle share the landscape,


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  • Brand: Montana Decoy,
  • Product Type: Decoy,
  • Darker body,
  • New pose,
  • Pops up to full size in seconds,


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Montana Decoy Big Red Cow
Montana Decoy Big Red Cow
  • Folded Dimensions: 19" x 19",
  • Setup Dimensions: 56" x 42",
  • Weight: 48 oz. (including poles),
  • arge body offers plenty of cover to hide behind,
  • Folds down flat to a 19" diam. disc and pops up to full size in seconds,
  • See-through window gives you field visibility,
  • Stalking handle makes it easier for spot-and-stalk hunting,


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  • Open-reed design,
  • Unique soundboard with vented holes,
  • Polished acrylic barrel,
  • Use for estrus whines as well as cow and calf chirps and mews,
  • Includes lanyard,


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  • Brand: Rocky Mountain,
  • Product Type: Cow Call,
  • Two-hole soundboard,
  • Creates mellow sounds,
  • Acrylic barrrel,
  • Reproduces soft mews, chirps and estrus sounds,
  • Lanyard included,


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  • Unique ''hose in horn'' design,
  • Automatically reproduces the deep guttural moans of rutting cows in estrus,
  • 100% freezeproof,


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  • Two pack of unbelievably realistic crow decoys,
  • Large body with flocked exterior and great feather detail,
  • No shine or glare,
  • Versatile - hang, clip, or stand,


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  •  ,
  • Brand: Rocky Mountain,
  • Novice Skill Level,
  • Cow and Calf Calls,
  • Higher Pitched Bugles,
  • Shipping Weight:0.015 lb,
  • Box Dimensions:6.25 L x 3 W x 0.05 H (inches),
  •  ,


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  • Brand: Rocky Mountain,
  • Intermediate Skill Level,
  • Cow Calls,
  • Aggressive/Passive Bugles,


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  •  ,
  • Brand: Rocky Mountain,
  • Novice Skill Level,
  • Cow and Calf Calls,
  • Bugles,
  •  ,


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  • Brand: Primos,
  • Reproduces all five calls of the grey squirrel,
  • Fox squirrel’s language,


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  • Brand: Primos,
  • Product Type: Owl Call,
  • Color: Black,
  • Uses less air,
  • Minimal effort is required to produce realistic barred owl sounds.,


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